Antidote 10 Upgrade Purchase

Purchasing the Antidote 10 Upgrade

1 — Go to the upgrade page.

2 — Choose either the basic upgrade for one language or the premium upgrade for both languages.

3 — Fill out the identification form to create a customer account.

4 — Indicate whether you would like to subscribe to our mailing list, Info-Druide, and then click Next Step.

5 — Enter the serial number for your old edition of Antidote and click Next Step. The serial number is a 15-character alphanumeric code that you received when you purchased Antidote.

Note — If you can’t find your serial number, click Find it here. Enter your email address, then click Send. An email containing your serial number will be sent within a few minutes

6 — Make sure that you select the correct upgrade. If you make a mistake, change your order by clicking Choose under the desired product. Continue by clicking Next Step.

7 — Enter your credit card information (VISA, MASTERCARD or EUROCARD), read the online sales guide and accept the conditions of sale. Click on Next Step.

8 — Confirm your order by clicking Place my order.

9 — Go to your Client Portal by clicking Go to download to access your software’s installation files.

Note — A confirmation email containing your receipt and your serial number will be sent within a few minutes to the email address that you provided. If you do not receive the email, try checking your junk mail.

To learn more about installing Antidote 10, see our pages explaining the upgrade installation: