Antidote 10 User Guide

 Attention — This page presents content from an old edition. Consult the documentation for the current release instead.

User Guide / The Corrector

The Corrector

Antidote’s corrector provides a user-friendly working environment focused on your text. The corrector’s services are displayed in the left panel of the main window as prisms: Correction, Revision, Statistics and Inspection. Each of these prisms, divided into views and more precise filters, looks at the text from a specific angle. Behind this simple interface, the corrector deploys a powerful analyzer that first segments the text into its major divisions, and then performs a detailed analysis of each word in the sentences that compose the text. The result is a grammar checker that pushes the boundaries of current computer science.

Antidote cooperates closely with your writing software: it reads your text directly and makes whatever corrections are necessary within that program. When you’re writing, run the corrector at any point to check a sentence, a paragraph or the entire text. This may be at the beginning of your writing process, if something you’re drafting makes you hesitate. It could also be after making some edits to ensure that you haven’t introduced new errors, or after finishing a text for a final check. If you need several working sessions to correct a long text, Antidote will remember all detections that you previously ignored, so that you can pick up your work later just where you left off.