Antidote 10 User Guide

 Attention — This page presents content from an old edition. Consult the documentation for the current release instead.

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The Style View

Antidote can shed light on three traditional stylistic concerns: repetitions, particular constructions and vocabulary. It can also evaluate the general readability of a text through its different elements. The new Gender neutrality filter examines how a text can better represent both women and men without affecting its overall style. Unlike the Language and Typography views, the Style view tackles the text from a qualitative angle, without being prescriptive. The notion of error has no place here. At this stage, the corrector’s goal is to help polish the text by making it less cumbersome and by enriching it with more dynamic or inclusive vocabulary. Antidote makes your job easier by highlighting all instances of the stylistic phenomenon under consideration. If a sentence has to be recast, you can edit it directly in the correction panel or in your writing software. Not feeling particularly inspired? Use the context (right click) menu to view the main synonyms for the selected word. Then, simply click on the synonym of your choice to insert it directly into your text. The following sections describe in detail the nature of Antidote’s stylistic detections.

  • Simple options, accessible at the bottom of the list of detections, allow you to personalize the results.
  • Dialogues and quotes often exhibit a particular style that you may want to leave intact. To exclude them from the style checking, see the settings in the General panel of the Corrector section.
  • Note that the underlining in the Language view remains visible in the Style view, although it is greyed out. The tooltips and their commands also remain available.
  • The list of detections is grouped according to category for consistent evaluation, and each one is distinguished by a colour code.
  • Only categories with at least one result are shown in the list. The total number of results is shown to the right of each category title. If there are more than five results, only the first five are shown. Click and x others to see them all, and Reduce to 5 results to revert to the shortened list.
  • To disable detection of a particular category, uncheck the corresponding box to the right of its title in the detections list.
  • To hide the results of a particular category in the list of detections, click on the triangle to right of the category’s title to collapse the list.