Antidote 10 User Guide

 Attention — This page presents content from an old edition. Consult the documentation for the current release instead.

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Two or more repetitions of the same term in close proximity can weigh a text down. Antidote intelligently locates all potential repetitions in your text. Select a highlighted word and Antidote immediately displays all its other occurrences in orange.

Where appropriate, you can avoid the repetition by replacing the second term with a pronoun, substituting a synonym for the term, or reformulating the passage so that only a single occurrence is necessary.

  • Use the Synonyms of “word” option in the context (right click) menu to find a synonym quickly and make an instant substitution.
  • The corrector does not consider titles here, because they invariably repeat material from the text that follows (although a repetition within the title itself will be flagged). As for proper nouns, it flags a repetition when there are four or more occurrences of a particular proper noun within the same paragraph. The corrector also overlooks certain other circumstances where repetitions may be justified.

Options panel

Range: The range is the maximum distance between two terms that will be considered repetitions. The shorter the range, the fewer the repetitions; the longer the range, the more repetitions. Note that the range takes sentence boundaries into account.

Words from the same family: Detections may or may not include words of the same family (such as force and forceful).

Include: In certain types of texts (scientific, legal, etc.), precision prevails over style. The repetition of a precise expression, rather than an approximate synonym, may then be acceptable or even required. If so, uncheck the appropriate categories of words in order to exclude them from the flagged repetitions.