Antidote 10 User Guide

 Attention — This page presents content from an old edition. Consult the documentation for the current release instead.

User Guide / Using With Your Other Software / Windows / The Connectix Agent

The Connectix Agent

The Connectix Agent is installed near the Windows clock. The Agent provides quick access to Antidote’s resources.


  • With the right mouse button, click on the Agent’s icon (the Antidote vial); a menu opens giving you access to Antidote’s resources.
  • To access Antidote’s resources from WordPad or Notepad, place the cursor or make a selection in the desired location, then call the resources via the Agent.

Note — if a program has a button bar for accessing Antidote, you can still use the Agent as another method for calling Antidote.

You can choose which Antidote commands appear in the Agent menu; see the Antidote settings.