Antidote 11 User Guide

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General Panel of the Interface Settings

Display language

Select the language in which you want Antidote to display text in its interface: English or French. You may also choose to base this option on your operating system language if it set to English or French. Note that the linguistic content of the works in Antidote is not affected by this setting: Antidote always displays English linguistic content in English.

  • By default, the interface appears in the language of the operating system.

At launch, open…

You can specify which window will open by default when you launch Antidote independently, without going through your writing software. For example, if you often look up words in the dictionary, you will probably find it useful to automatically open this window each time you launch Antidote.

  • By default, the dictionaries window opens when Antidote is launched.


Close other windows when the corrector is launched

Checking this option forces Antidote’s other windows (dictionaries or guides) to close when you launch the corrector, which gives you a better view of your original text.

  • This setting is enabled by default.

Allow simultaneous correction of multiple documents

This option allows you to correct several documents at the same time. This can be useful to compare two texts, or to preserve the results of a long text while correcting something else.

  • This setting is enabled by default.

You can choose how the corrector displays each new correction:

  • In a tab;
  • In a window;
  • According to the system preferences.
  • During installation, this setting is enabled and new corrections are displayed according to system preferences.

Show tooltips

Each of the corrector’s detections includes a tooltip showing a brief contextual explanation, as well as any possible alternatives and relevant actions. You can choose whether to have the corrector show these tooltips upon selection of a detection, or after an adjustable delay.

You have four options:

  • Upon selection: The tooltip only appears once a detection is selected.
  • Immediately: The tooltip appears as soon as the cursor hovers over a detection.
  • After a short delay: The tooltip takes a short time to display when the cursor hovers over a detection.
  • After a long delay: The tooltip takes a longer time to display when the cursor hovers over a detection.
    • By default, tooltips appear upon selection of a detection.

Dictionaries and guides

Produce alert sounds for unknown words

Antidote normally emits a warning beep to alert you when the searched word is unknown or incorrect.

  • This setting is enabled during installation.

Close Dictionaries window after a replacement

When you replace a word in your text by clicking the replacement button in the dictionaries, the dictionaries window closes and you automatically return to your text. To keep the window open after replacing a word, disable this option.

  • This setting is enabled during installation.


History: Delete browsing history…

Click this button to delete all browsing history in Antidote’s dictionaries and guides.

Warnings: Restore all hidden messages…

Click this button to restore all the warnings that were hidden using the option No longer show this message.