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Dictionary of Quotations

There is no better way to grasp the subtleties of how a word is used than being able to observe examples of the word as it is employed in context. That is the purpose of the dictionary of quotations, which provides hundreds of thousands of example sentences, none of which are drafted by lexicographers but rather are all drawn from literary and journalistic texts.

This dictionary offers up to fifteen quotations per word. The literary quotations appear first, presented in chronological order, followed by newspaper quotations. Each is accompanied by a hyperlink reference, which allows you to access the original website from which the quotation was taken.

The quotations are more linguistic in nature than literary. They have not been selected for their moral or poetic value, but because they clearly illustrate the way a word is actually used. The corpus that was assembled to develop the dictionary of combinations was put to use here again, which ensures that the quotations exhibit a large measure of temporal, geographic and stylistic diversity.