Antidote 9 User Guide

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Integration under macOS 10.11 and 10.12

Integration problems with TextEdit, Pages, Keynote and Numbers

Beginning with 10.11, Apple introduced SIP (System Integrity Protection), a new barrier designed to protect the system from malicious intrusions. Apple has also chosen to include Pages, Keynote, Numbers, and TextEdit within the scope of SIP. In doing so, Apple closed the door through which Antidote integrated with these four applications.

Druide has succeeded in implementing a new integration for Pages and TextEdit on 10.11. Efforts are underway to enable integration on 10.12 as well. In the meantime, to access Antidote from these applications on 10.12, you must use copy and paste.

For more details on SIP

To encourage Apple to create an API in order to facilitate integration with Antidote