Frequently Asked Questions

Does Antidote 10 integrate with Google Docs?

Antidote 10's integration in Google Docs is only functional in Google Chrome and requires two levels of installation.

First of all, a connector (called an Extension by Google) must be installed in Chrome:

If needed, download the most recent connector here.

Then, an add-on must be installed directly in Google Docs:

  1. Download the add-on.
  2. Click on "Free" to open a page in Google Docs; if Antidote's integration was never completed, a pop-up window will open:
    • Click on "Continue"
    • Select the account you wish to install the add-on in;
    • Authorize its installation.

To use Antidote in Google Docs, you must activate the add-on in every document. To do so, please follow these steps:

  1. In Google Docs, from the Add-on menu > Antidote, select Start;
  2. Launch and accept the script's installation;
  3. Call upon Antidote in Google Docs by using the toolbar in the upper right-hand corner of the document. Otherwise, you can use the toolbar that appears in Chrome directly.

It is important to note that Antidote can only perform its corrections on documents saved in Google Docs format. For example, correcting a Word document (.docx) in Google Docs is not possible. If necessary, under the file tab select "Save as a Google Document." This will generate a copy of your document in the right format and you will be able to proceed with the correction.