Frequently Asked Questions

Does Antidote 9 integrate with Pages, Keynote and Numbers under macOS 10.11 El Capitan?

Antidote 9 still fully integrates with iWork 2009 (Pages 4, Keynote 5, Numbers 2) under El Capitan.

If you are using iWork suite 2013 (Pages 5, Keynote 6, Numbers 3) under El Capitan,

  • Pages: Antidote 9 integrates;
  • Keynote and Numbers: Antidote 9 has limited integration. Use the Services menu (under the app menu), or copy and paste. Antidote will launch a temporary window showing the document's text without formatting; corrections will have to be carried over to the original document by copying and pasting.

If you would like more complete integration between iWork and Antidote, we invite you to contact Apple and request that they add an application programming interface (API) to iWork by clicking here.