Upgrade to Antidote+

Switch to Antidote+ to have access to the full array of Antidote products: Antidote 10,q Antidote Web and Antidote Mobile. Get a special offer based on the subscription you choose.

From $29.00 for the first year.¹

Subscriptions are offered for one language (English or French) or for both.

Antidote+ Personal

1 user

The perfect choice for anyone who doesn’t have access to Antidote through their employer or educational institution.

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Antidote+ Family

5 users

Without a doubt, the best value for any family with at least two members living under the same roof.

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Still using a previous edition of Antidote?

Benefit from a discounted price on the upgrade towards the 10th edition.

Basic Upgrade

Antidote renewed for one language.

$59.00 ²

Antidote 10 English or French

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Premium Upgrade

Antidote renewed for English and French!

$99.00 ²

Antidote 10 English

Antidote 10 French

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  • This offer applies to single-user licenses, including family use on three computers.
  • All previous editions of Antidote are eligible for upgrade offers (96, 98, 2000, MP, Prisme, RX, HD, 8 and 9).
  • By exercising your upgrade privilege, you waive all rights to use and install the previous edition of Antidote.
  • Haven’t updated your operating system or your writing software in a long time? See Antidote 10’s compatibilities before completing the upgrade.

1. The upgrade price for the first year of an Antidote+ subscription varies based on the options selected.

2. Packages valid until June 30, 2021.