Antidote 11 Version history - Windows

Antidote 11 v1.1 Windows


  • Custom rules: better handling of apostrophes
  • Better language detection on certain numeric expressions
  • Display of a text’s language percentages for a monolingual version
  • Improvements to the synchronization of personal dictionaries
  • Activation of the “Copy and close” button for all word processors
  • Tooltips avoid overlapping over correction commands
  • Restored shortcuts to send email, go back to text and copy-close


  • Faster rhyme generation


  • Improved stability
  • Various minor fixes


  • Compatibility with Windows 10 21H2
  • Integration with Firefox 95
  • Integration with Google Chrome 96
  • Integration with Illustrator 2022
  • Integration with Opera 82
  • Faster Connectix startup
  • Better support for MS Office applications from the Microsoft Store
  • Exclusion of YAML headers in Markdown documents
  • Unicode encoding of accented characters in LaTeX documents
  • Better processing of the SubRip format (subtitling)
  • Reduced incorrect-location alerts