Antidote 11: New Features

The new edition of the most complete writing assistance software comes with an impressive number of improvements that make it even easier to keep your writing healthy. Here are the main new features, followed by a detailed list.

Redesigned Corrector Interface

The corrector showcases your text with a more user-friendly, clean and functional layout. Hide the panels and add shortcuts as you wish, allowing you to focus on the text or get the big picture. 


More Accurate and Powerful Correction

The corrector now features a new neural correction engine which adds to the natural intelligence of its computational linguists for more reliable and varied diagnostics. 

New Style Corrections

Add even more punch to your writing thanks to the detection of new types of wordy constructions.

Text Replacement

Tooltips now offer more words and even sentence reformulations, especially in the filters, allowing you to confirm replacements and improve your text in one click.

Customize the Corrector

Add your own rules to Antidote’s corrector to make it your perfect writing companion. Add alerts to words or phrases you want to avoid, and even corrections to replace them with in one click.

Create custom presets and apply them directly to the corrector depending, for example, on the national variety of the recipients or the type of publication.

Additions to the Dictionaries

Additions to the Dictionaries


additional combinations


more synonyms


new examples carefully selected to highlight which prepositions go with a word according to its different meanings


new words and expressions including smishing, cleantech and non-fungible token

Sounds Great!









Audio pronunciation

An exclusive feature of Antidote+ packages: the pronunciation of over 500,000 word forms can be heard with a Toronto or London accent.

zebra, noun



Dictionary of Rhymes

Easily find the ideal rhyme or smoothest consonance with the new dictionary of rhymes and near-rhymes. Harness the power of the phonetic engine and filter by frequency, syllables and more.

All New Features and Improvements


  • New neural correction engine for missing words and commas
  • Numerous miscellaneous improvements
  • Improved handling of legal texts
  • Improved handling of unusual capital letters
  • Improved recognition of first names of celebrities   Antidote 11v4 Improvement
  • Better targeting of homophone alerts
  • Better correction of lexical errors: live, pooled, but
  • Better treatment of possessives (’s) and cardinal determiners
  • Better treatment of prepositions for temporal complements: since, for, in
  • Recognition of characters with strikethrough


  • Improved readability: maximum size limited, wide margins, increased space between lines, toolbars reduced to a minimal size
  • Default hiding of prisms list
  • Ability to hide the list of detections
  • New coloured margins (languages and dialogues)
  • Improved appearance in SplitView and full-screen mode (Mac)


  • New navigation bar
  • Option to add shortcuts to the bar (e.g., Repetition)
  • Quick access to Linguistic Search
  • More powerful settings button
  • Correction buttons at the bottom of the text that can be pulled down
  • Configurable statistics display
  • Add command available for all spelling errors
  • Text search in the text panel
  • Selection of dialogues
  • Selection of language changes
  • Modernized general appearance
  • Use of tabs for multiple texts (Windows)
  • Modernized internal editor (Windows)
  • Support for fractional DPI scaling on high-definition screens (Windows)

Revamped and improved filters

  • Adjustable display of revision filters
  • Simplified display of statistics filters
  • Simplified display of inspection filters
  • Semantic fields filter
  • Linguistic search filter
  • Semantics filter   Antidote 11v4 Improvement


  • New tooltips providing easy access to suggestions (e.g., synonyms for repeated words)
  • New tooltips with replacements in the majority of filters
  • New Delete command
  • Option to sort by number of repetitions
  • Option to see all repetitions (without filters)
  • Improved suggestions for replacing wordy constructions   Antidote 11v4 Improvement
  • Detection of dangling prepositions
  • New suggestions for inclusivity  Antidote 11v4 New Feature

Definitions dictionary

  • Pronunciation of words and their inflected forms (2 accents x 2 languages)*
  • Highlighting of prepositions
  • 33,300 new examples (French: 24,200)
  • 17,900 new words (French: 6300)   Antidote 11v4 Improvement
  • 7800 new difficulties (French: 13,850)   Antidote 11v4 Improvement
  • New 2020 and 2021 World Heritage Sites
  • New configuration button
  • Display of all homophones in the difficulties
  • New optional external resources
  • Simplified sorting of expressions

Dictionary of rhymes

  • Near-rhymes (assonance, consonance, etc.)
  • Perfect and imperfect rhymes
  • Multiple filters (category, syllables, frequency, family, etc.)
  • Semantic fields filter

Other dictionaries

  • 50,300 new synonyms (French: 56,000)   Antidote 11v4 Improvement
  • Simplified display of synonyms lists
  • 92,000 new word combinations (French: 17,500)
  • Cross-combinations
  • New button combining the display options in several dictionaries
  • Collateral adjectives added to the families (e.g., smell > osmic)
  • Pronunciation of simple conjugated forms*
  • New strong/weak search criteria
  • 15,500 new etymologies   Antidote 11v4 Improvement
  • 155 new etymological notes (French: 135)   Antidote 11v4 Improvement
  • 400,000 more etymologically related words (French: 175,000)
  • Sorting of favourites
  • 26 new guide articles (French: 29)   Antidote 11v4 Improvement
  • New category to discover recent additions to the dictionaries ()

Customization and settings

  • Redesigned customizations window
  • Ability to create custom rules for corrections and alerts
  • Arrangement of custom rules in lists
  • Ability to share custom rules
  • Ability to create custom presets
  • More flexible settings for quotation marks
  • Correction of nested parentheses
  • Setting for spacing in coordinates and dimensions
  • Setting for symbols in coordinates and dimensions
  • Access to audio pronunciation in the dictionaries
  • Tolerance of periods in some initialisms (e.g., C.E.O)
  • New predefined preset: Minimum sensitivity
  • New Unit of measure option for nouns in personal dictionaries
  • Setting for display of tabs in the corrector and internal editor
  • Ability to save drafts when quitting (Windows)


  • Complete revamp of Connectix
  • Corrector launch by Connectix Agent extended to all software  Antidote 11v4 New Feature
  • Modernized, more user-friendly interface
  • Onboarding on first launch of Connectix
  • Simplified integration of Antidote with your other software
  • Improved integrations   Antidote 11v4 Improvement
  • Antidote user guide integrated with other software
  • Documented particularities of word processors
  • Adaptations to use of Antidote Web only
  • Help with integration diagnostics
  • Consolidated Connectix settings
  • Connector for Safari available in the App Store (Mac)
  • New compatibilities for Mac: Stickies, Messages, Notes, Textifier  Antidote 11v4 New Feature
  • Improved handling of LaTeX format
  • Handling of SubRip format (subtitling)
  • Simpler and stronger keyboard shortcut: Ctrl/Cmd + C + C  Antidote 11v4 New Feature


  • Synchronized presets
  • Synchronized custom rules
  • Synchronized hidden alerts


  • Onboarding during initial installation
  • Improved stability   Antidote 11v4 Improvement
  • New getting started window, including video capsules
  • Basic formatting in the internal editor (bold, italic, strikethrough)
  • Faster startup
  • Faster closing
  • Reduced memory footprint
  • Fine-tuning of Microsoft Narrator (Windows)  Antidote 11v4 New Feature
  • Support of Handoff (Mac)   Antidote 11v4 Improvement

*An exclusive feature of Antidote+ packages.

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