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The best language reference work available for iPhone and iPad

With its comprehensive set of dictionaries and language guides, Antidote Mobile is the greatest of language resources for both English and French in the smallest of formats… and prices!


Rich and Innovative Dictionaries

Rich and Innovative Dictionaries

Antidote Mobile offers rich definitions, pronunciation in two accents, abundant synonyms, plentiful word combinations and much more all in an elegant interface carefully adapted to iPhones and iPads. Use powerful search engines to find rhymes, anagrams, and other fascinating links between words, even with wildcards.

Without leaving the application, display an interactive map or satellite photo of more than 11,200 cities, countries and regions, or of one of 1500 UNESCO World Heritage sites. Follow smart links to detailed encyclopedia articles on Wikipedia, or to your own favourite Web resources.

With Antidote Mobile – Bilingual, enjoy an English-French dictionary of unprecedented quality, with an impressive 2.8 million translations, including those of expressions, proverbs and word combinations. All the dictionaries and guides switch seamlessly between both languages.

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Detailed Language Guides

Antidote’s guides cover all aspects of writing, spelling and style and provide in-depth information on grammar, punctuation and phonetics. Antidote’s more than 500 articles are organized in both a tree and an easy-to-browse index. Scroll through the index or type in the search field to quickly find an article. You can “turn the pages” between an article and another with the touch of your finger.

In Antidote Mobile — Bilingual, move between languages directly in the guide article you are viewing.

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Fascinating Discoveries

Set out to conquer all the treasures of the English language by discovering new words, proverbs or etymological curiosities. In Discovery Mode, ask for rare words, famous people or Heritage Sites, and Antidote will display them in a random sequence. Add your findings to word lists that you can easily review; share your lists with your friends, emulators or students. Test your lexical knowledge with the game mode: guess the name of a country, city, person and more based on their definitions, and post your results on Facebook or Twitter.

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Always up to date

With the subscription, you will enjoy the latest technological improvements and any additions to the application’s linguistic content. Better yet, if you get Antidote Mobile through a subscription to Antidote+, you will also have Antidote 11 and Antidote Web. Thanks to the latter, the corrector is accessible on iPhone and iPad. And your personal favourites lists and dictionaries can be synchronized between all applications.


Antidote Mobile requires iOS 13.0, iPadOS 13.0 or later versions and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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Antidote Mobile is available in three subscriptions on the App Store: French, English or Bilingual. If the corrector is important to you, choose one of the Antidote+ packages instead and get the full array (Antidote Mobile, Antidote Web and Antidote 11). You will be able to correct your texts in French, in English, or in both languages.

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