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1. Price

The Antidote Store is reserved exclusively for single-user license holders. Prices are subject to change without notice. Discounts, promotions and special offers cannot be combined.

Druide's business is to publish products. As such, we are responsible for setting the “suggested retail price” for each of our products, which is the same price at which we sell products from this store. As a result, you are very likely to find most of our products at lower prices from resellers.

2. Taxes

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3. Payment

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4. Security

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5. Transaction

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6. Privacy

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7. Refunds

Products purchased on this store are not eligible for a refund, with the exception of gift codes.

A gift code can be refunded within three months of the date of purchase, only by the person who purchased it and only if it has not been used. A gift code cannot be used once refunded.