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Two solutions are available. With Antidote 11, take advantage of a reduced price starting at five workstations for local installation or for network deployment. For Antidote Web and its online access, you need just five users to benefit from a discount.

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Multi-User License for Antidote 11

Install Antidote 11 locally on Windows or Mac workstations or deploy it on a network from one or more servers. This solution meets the requirements of organizations prohibiting the use of external servers, among other things. Antidote 11 includes Anti-Oops!, the exclusive technology that flags forgotten mistakes and missing attachments before each email is sent.

Antidote Web Subscription

Antidote Web works directly in a browser window and doesn’t require installation. Users can access it online from practically any computer, tablet or phone, including Android and Chromebook. This solution is ideal if members of your organization work from their own devices. Use the management tools to grant, remove and reassign access as required.

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English or French? Why Not Both?

Regardless of the solution you choose, pick the bilingual edition and enjoy tools that are equally rich and effective in both English and French.

What’s more, Antidote adapts its detections and recommendations to each language, as well as its different varieties. Don’t worry, Antidote knows that it’s la table and not le table, and that people outside of Quebec don’t buy their essential supplies from a dépanneur.

Favourable Pricing

Enjoy significant savings with pricing by tiers (e.g., 50 to 99). You can increase the number of users or workstations at any time, always benefiting from the unit price in the tier corresponding to your organization’s total.

Since we place a particularly high value on education, schools enjoy additional discounts and exclusive offers, such as site licenses.

Count on Us

Technical support, updates and upgrades are all included in the subscription to Antidote Web.

For Antidote 11 multi-user licenses, subscription to the Antidote Maintenance Program (AMP) includes these same benefits in addition to access to installers for all versions of the software.

The Client Portal:
Your Control 

Find your complete file in your organization’s Client Portal: your licenses, your subscriptions, downloadable installers and user management tools.

Here, you have all the tools for granting access to Antidote Web or for installing Antidote 11, along with links to detailed documentation and our help center.

Easy Deployment

Antidote 11 Installation

Antidote 11 software installation uses MSI packages, allowing it to be deployed using Group Policy (GPO) on Windows Server through Active Directory. It can be deployed from a server either locally or in shared mode (run from source). It can also be deployed using Remote Desktop Services—formerly Terminal Services—in server desktop mode. Once deployed, Antidote 11 can easily be integrated into word processors the first time you use them, even with a roaming profile.

Online Access to Antidote Web

The cloud edition of Antidote requires no installation. Deployment is done per user rather than per workstation. All you need is to create user accounts in the Client Portal to grant access to members of your organization.

They then can use Antidote through the URL. As with Antidote 11, connectors can be added locally on their computers to integrate Antidote Web into certain software applications.

Integration With Your Software and Compatibility

Using our free Connectix utility, you can add connectors to computers and integrate Antidote 11 or Antidote Web with more than 80 software applications, including those in the Microsoft Office suite. Thus, when you modify your text in the corrector, the changes are automatically applied in the original software.

Warning: the integrations offered may vary between Antidote 11 and Antidote Web. Some older configurations are no longer supported. For example, Antidote 11 is only compatible with the latest generation 64-bit operating systems, including Windows 10 and macOS 11 Big Sur. Linux compatibility is now offered with Antidote Web.

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