Correct text on all of your screens

Thanks to the brand new Antidote Web, your Antidote+ subscription allows you to correct text from any device, including phones, tablets and Chromebooks.


Three applications, one subscription

Antidote 10

Access the perfect writer’s toolkit with Antidote’s corrector, dictionaries and language guides. Integrate them directly with your favourite software on your computer.

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Antidote Web

Find Antidote’s powerful language tools in a browser. Access them on any computer, tablet, phone or Chromebook that is connected to the Internet.

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Antidote Mobile

Consult the dictionaries and guides on iPhone or iPad, even without Internet. Explore all the richness of English or French and test your knowledge in the Discoveries section.

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The last word

The annual subscription, for an individual or family, gives you access to the full array of Antidote products, including upgrades and technical assistance. What’s more, your Antidote applications are synchronized: a change to your personal dictionaries or your favourites in one application will be applied in the other two.

  • A single subscription
  • Three applications
  • Synchronization
  • Upgrades
  • Technical assistance

Personal or Family

Two subscription options

With the family subscription, five users from a single family can access Antidote’s full array. Share its benefits with your nearest and dearest!

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French Module

Add French

By adding the French module to your Antidote+ subscription, you’ll enjoy two languages in all three applications.

For Antidote 10 and Antidote Web, the same three-button toolbar gives you seamless access to the resources in both languages. What’s more, Antidote automatically chooses the appropriate language in a given context. The corrector can alternate between each language, even in the same document if necessary.

The dictionaries and the guides, including those of Antidote Mobile — Bilingual, switch smoothly from one language to the other, with all the power of their multiple search engines.

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