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A Deeply Transformed Antidote Web

Druide informatique is pleased to announce the immediate rollout of major new features for Antidote Web, the cloud-based edition of its famous language software. Antidote Web inherits the vast majority of the 100 new features of Antidote 11, our 25th anniversary edition, including a new interface and a new neural engine, the pronunciation of words in two accents, in English and in French, and a new dictionary of rhymes and near-rhymes.

A major improvement stands out: the corrector’s interface has been greatly refined. By reducing the secondary elements to a minimum, the main space is dedicated to the text, clean and simplified. Beneath this lighter exterior beats a new heart: a neural correction engine, the result of a partnership with the team of Professor Yoshua Bengio.

Custom rules can now shape the correction according to one’s needs, for example to watch over delicate or important words. These rules can be synchronized with Antidote 11, to be used on all user platforms. New stylistic detections help polish texts, and intelligent rephrasings are offered to apply them: one click is enough to modify a sentence.

Our dictionaries are also making great strides, including the addition of 5000 words. How do you say gewurztraminer? Antidote can pronounce over 500,000 word forms, with a Toronto or London accent. Should one write replace with or replace by? One click reveals all possible prepositions directly among the definitions: more than 20,000 examples have been added to illustrate usage. The new dictionary of rhymes takes English prosody into account, distinguishing in particular between perfect and imperfect rhymes.

The French corrector benefits from the same improvements as in English. Over 3000 new words make their debut, such as écoanxiété and vaccinodrome. All word forms are pronounced with Montréal and Paris accents, and 5000 combinations, 20,000 examples and 30,000 synonyms have been added. Finally, more than 100,000 new translations will help those who use both languages.

Druide informatique produces and markets Antidote, the most comprehensive writing assistance software suite available for English and French, as well as Typing Pal, the renowned typing tutorial application. The company is also the creator of WebElixir, a quality assurance service for websites, while its subsidiary, Éditions Druide, specializes in the publication of French-language literature and reference works.

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