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Update and Upgrade: What’s the Difference?

Antidote 11 (10, 9, etc.)
Antidote 11 (10, 9, etc.)

If you mix up the terms update and upgrade, rest assured you’re not the only one. Why are there two ways to improve software, and what does that change for you as a user? Let’s shed light on these questions generally, and then more specifically with regards to Antidote.

Main Differences Between an Upgrade and an Update

Let’s start with a comparison of terms.

Update Upgrade
Definition COMPUTING – a new version of a program or software that includes minor changes to the previous version, especially with the goal of fixing performance issues ⇄ mise à jour COMPUTING – a new edition of a program with major changes compared to the previous edition ⇄ mise à niveau
Installation Added to the current edition Replaces the previous edition
Content Additions, improvements and corrections New features, modifications to the software’s structure and changes to the interface
Complexity Low to moderate High
Result New version New edition

Now let’s see how this applies to Antidote.

Updates Bring Fixes and Improvements

Druide regularly offers free Antidote updates. A notification in the software will prompt you to download and install one. Updates are executed simply through an incremental process: they only contain part of the application’s code that is added to the version already installed.

Updates are used to fix or prevent bugs, optimize security, improve integration with other software and enhance language content. For example, v4 (or version 4 of Antidote 10), released in June 2020, included a connector for integration with the Edge 83 Chromium browser, as well as 1400 new words, including COVID vocabulary.

Sometimes you won’t see the difference between the previous version and the one you just installed. In our example, if you don’t use Edge, or if you’re lucky enough to have never written terms like social distancing or lockdown, you won’t notice the new integration or dictionary additions. Nevertheless, updates are essential for the proper functioning of the software, and allow you to benefit from its continuous enrichment.

Find the full list of Antidote updates in our documentation.

An Upgrade Leads to a New Edition

Upgrades are less frequent and more robust. There were ten between the first Antidote in 1996 and Antidote 11, each resulting in a new edition. A new edition therefore includes years of research and development, both for new functions and for new linguistic content. In addition, an upgrade sometimes becomes necessary due to a major change in the Windows or Mac operating systems, such as the switch from 32-bit to 64-bit technology.

An upgrade replaces the previous edition of Antidote on your computer with its current edition. For example, if you upgraded from Antidote 10 to Antidote 11, Antidote 10 have been uninstalled. Due to their scale, and especially the value of their content, upgrades are paid, but special prices are offered to users of a previous edition.

Where to Find Your Antidote Edition and Version

If you contact technical assistance to report a problem, be sure to indicate your edition and version of Antidote, two pieces of information that are essential for a proper diagnosis. To get there, go to your application and click on the menu Help > About Antidote (on Mac, menu Antidote > About Antidote) to bring up the shock screen. The Antidote logo shows the edition while the version is shown smaller next to the letter “v”.

In the previous image, we see Antidote 10, which will change with an upgrade, and version 6.1, which will change with an update. It’s not rocket science once you make the connection!

Subscription: The Solution for Keeping Up to Date

Get all updates and upgrades hassle-free with a personal or family subscription to Antidote+. For organizations with an Antidote multi-user license, the Antidote Maintenance Program (AMP) guarantees that peace of mind. Not only will you keep Antidote on the cutting edge, but you can also call on our technical support team when needed.

Only one question remains: is your Antidote up to date? Check right now. Open the application, click on the Help menu and select Check for updates. If you are offered an update, don’t delay installing it!

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