Upgrade Installation — Windows

How to Upgrade to Antidote 10 on Windows

1 — Access your Client Portal.

2 — In your Client Portal, click the Download button linked to your Antidote 10 licence.

3 — Select your platform (Windows) and click Download at the bottom of the window. The download may take a few minutes.

4 — Click Next when the following window appears.

5 — Read the license agreement and indicate that you accept its terms by checking I accept the license agreement, then click Next.

6 — Click Install to begin installation.

7 — Wait for the installation to finish and then click Next.

Note — Installation of Antidote 10 can take some time. It begins by uninstalling your previous edition of Antidote. Also, if you have chosen the premium upgrade, installation of the second language module requires an extra step.

8 — When the integration window appears, click Install to integrate Antidote 10 with your other software.

9 — When the Connectix window appears, click Quit.

10 — Antidote 10 is now installed on your computer. Click Done.

11 — In order to proceed with activation, enter the ID and password that you created when you bought your copy of Antidote 10.

12 — Once Antidote has been activated, personalize your synchronization options. If you are unsure, these options can be changed afterwards. Click the X to close the window.


In order to keep Antidote 10 up to date, regularly install any available updates. To check if there are updates available for your version of Antidote 10, open the Help menu and select Search for updates…

If there are several updates to install, simply install them one after the other until the message below appears, confirming that you have the most recent version of Antidote.

To learn more about using Antidote 10 with your other software, see the web page Using with your other software.