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Dig into the treasures of the English language with over 102,000 entries, thousands of proverbs and expressions, and lots of useful sections on phonetics, etymology and difficulties.


Find a million synonyms and discover their definitions with a tap of your finger.


Look into 700,000 combinations, and just as many examples, highlighting the most significant associations for each word.


See a complete list of a verb’s tenses in a single glance; touch a tense to view the phonetic information for each of its forms.

Semantic fields

The dictionary of semantic fields displays all the words semantically related to the headword, grouped by meaning and ranked by relative strength.

Interactive sphere

View a headword’s semantic field in a cloud comprising words that are sized in proportion to their relative strength.

History dictionary

Explore the history behind each word, including its etymology and spelling evolution, as well as quotations spanning several centuries.

Search with variables

Great for crosswords; question marks serve as placeholders for any letter.


Take advantage of the integrated access to Wikipedia so you never have to exit Antidote Mobile (internet access required).


Access thousands of maps and satellite images, and discover the wonders of UNESCO’s World Heritages Sites.


The language guides are accessibly written and explain the rules and conventions with relevant examples. Turn the pages with a flick of your finger.

History guide

The history guide’s articles, which are essential companions to the history dictionary, trace the evolution of the English language from its origins to the present.


Set out to conquer the hidden depths of the English language or put your knowledge to the test.

Discover a definition

Discover rare words, countries, cities and people. Add those that tickle your fancy to your favourites to better remember them.

Etymological notes

Go on a journey of discovery though Antidote Mobile’s etymological notes.


Let yourself be carried adrift by the compendium of proverbs and sayings.


Learn as you play: guess a word based on its definition in Guess the Word or give your friends' brains a workout by having them define newly discovered words. Share your game results and the most intriguing index cards online.

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With its comprehensive set of dictionaries and language guides, Antidote Mobile is the greatest of language resources in the smallest of formats… and prices!

French Edition also available