Videos - October 19, 2021 - 21 min

A New Edition of Antidote for Its 25th Anniversary

Antidote Web
Antidote (Win, Mac)
Antidote Mobile

On October 19, 2021, Druide informatique celebrated 25 years of Antidote with the release of a renewed array of applications. Watch the video shot specially for the occasion (in French, with English subtitles available).

You will discover important milestones in the history of Antidote, the main new features of its eleventh edition and the best way to obtain the complete array: Antidote 11, Antidote Web and Antidote Mobile.


00:00 What is Antidote? Our customers tell us.

01:08 Antidote: 25 years of history.

03:27 Druide donates one million dollars to UQAM.

04:51 Presentation of the eleventh edition of Antidote.

06:17 New Antidote | Redesigned corrector

07:56 New Antidote | New style corrections

08:56 New Antidote | Custom settings

10:02 New Antidote | Audio pronunciations

11:20 New Antidote | Richer dictionaries

12:48 New Antidote | Dictionary of rhymes

14:01 New Antidote | Neural correction engine

15:56 Summary of the main new features

16:36 How to get Antidote

20:01 Thanks.

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