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Connectix: Antidote’s Inseparable Companion

Antidote Web
Antidote 11 (10, 9, etc.)
Antidote Web
Antidote 11 (10, 9, etc.)

When you installed Antidote 11 or when you first used Antidote Web, you may have noticed a second software application called Connectix. What is Connectix and what is it used for? Learn more about how it interacts with Antidote and how it can be useful to you.

What is Connectix?

Connectix is a connection utility program (hence its name!). It is a versatile application that is used with Antidote 10, Antidote 11 and Antidote Web on the major operating systems from Mac, Windows and Linux. It adds connectors to over 80 software applications, allowing you to use Antidote’s corrector in different environments. This is the greatest advantage of integration – every change you make in the corrector is automatically applied in the original software. No more copy-pasting!

Connectix manages the adding and removing of connectors, explains how to use Antidote in your software, provides a list of compatibilities, manages different display options and includes a diagnostic tool. Consult its User Guide to learn more about all its features in detail.

How to get Connectix

Connectix is included with Antidote free of charge – it is Antidote’s inseparable companion.

  1. For Antidote 11 and Antidote 10
    Connectix is part of Antidote’s installation on your computer. It guides you, step by step, through Antidote’s integration with the software of your choice.

  2. For Antidote Web
    When you use Antidote Web for the first time, a window appears to suggest you download Connectix. If you skipped this step, you can find this window again by clicking on the connector icon (shaped like an electrical plug) in the vertical panel.

    Open Connectix, then choose which software you want to integrate Antidote with from the list provided. If you need to, follow the detailed instructions in the Antidote Web Startup Guide.

Connectix can also be downloaded from your Client Portal.

Connectix: your reference on how to use Antidote with your other software

Since Connectix establishes connections with other software, it is best qualified to show you how to use Antidote with these applications! In the Use tab, Connectix includes only the essential documentation, i.e. the documentation concerning the applications you have integrated with Antidote. This way, you can quickly find the information you need!

To access it, select Using with your other software in the little flask menu, which can be found in the notification area on Windows or in the menu bar on Mac and Linux.

Let’s use an example of a question you might have: how do you run every slide of a PowerPoint document through the corrector?

Select the application from the list. Connectix first lists the different ways to run the corrector, the dictionaries and the guides (context menu, floating ribbon or toolbar, etc.), then provides information that is specific to each application. Here, you’ll learn that you can correct every slide starting from the one currently displayed by clicking on the background of the slide. Nice trick!

What if integration doesn’t work?

Don’t worry, interruptions are fairly frequent. Why? Software applications change quickly and connectors depend on them. Therefore, updates are required. For example, if Microsoft makes a change to the version of Word that you are using, we also need to update the connector. Sometimes, this happens in reverse order, and we suggest an improvement to the current connector for a given application.

Things to check:

  1. Does Connectix suggest new connectors?
    Check the first tab in Connectix by selecting Integrating Antidote with your other software in the little flask menu.

  2. Are Antidote and Connectix fully updated?
    Select Search for updates in the little flask menu.

  3. Is the software you want to integrate Antidote with fully updated?
    Where you can find this information varies from one application to another, but it is generally in the Help menu.

Once you’ve finished reviewing all this information and installing the necessary updates, restarting your computer can’t hurt.

Watch out for upgrades!
Make sure not to confuse updates and upgrades. The latter can sometimes interfere with Antidote’s integration with other software. Make sure you’ve checked for any compatibility issues before using a new edition of a software or operating system.

Even more integrations

Connectix is Antidote’s method of integrating with other software, but other applications also have their own ways to integrate with Antidote. Several of them offer compatibility with Antidote, although there are some exceptional cases, such as the method for integrating Antidote with Google Docs or the Safari connector available on the Mac App Store.

In the context of complex technology where software is constantly evolving, your best bet is to choose Antidote+. This yearly subscription gives you access to the full range of Antidote’s applications, all updates, all upgrades and our technical assistance service. The very top of the line!

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