Client Portal User Guide

Client Portal User Guide / Summary


The Client Portal automatically brings you to the Summary tab. You will find various sections relating to your subscriptions and products.

On a regular screen
On a small screen

If you have at least one multi-user license (5 or more workstations) or multi-user Antidote Web subscription, please see the Organization section of this guide to learn more.


The Products section contains all your products and presents them with interactive tiles. Click on these tiles to access your online applications directly or to download software for local installation on your device. For more information, click or press the See details link.


The Subscriptions section contains all your subscriptions and their expiry date, if applicable. For more information about an individual subscription, click on the See details button.

Products to discover

The Products to discover section allows you to discover the books published by Éditions Druide, using the Browse the catalogue button.

If you hold a product or a subscription and that it doesn’t appear in your Client Portal, click on the link in the note at the bottom of the page to add it with your code or serial number.