Organization Client Portal User Guide

Organization Client Portal User Guide / Access

Accessing the Organization Client Portal

Like the Personal Client Portal, the Organization Client Portal is a powerful control centre with essential information about products, licenses, users, and various account settings for your organization. The Organization Client Portal will appear if you have at least one multi-user license or a subscription to Antidote Web.

Note — See the Antidote Web Management Guide for information on how to control access to Antidote Web’s tools and content.

On a regular screen
On a small screen

Use the buttons (A, B) located in the top left of the window to move between your Personal and Organization Client Portals. Click on the name of your organization to access the Organization Client Portal.



To move between the two sections, tap on the toggle button (A) under the Druide logo, then select the section you would like to access from the menu (B1, B2).