Frequently Asked Questions

During correction, I get the following message: “Antidote cannot perform the correction because the correct location in the text cannot be found.” What does this mean?

This message appears when your writing software is about to insert Antidote’s corrections in the wrong place in your text. Antidote prevents this in order to keep your text intact. To fix this, we suggest the following solutions:

  1. This generally occurs in writing software that contains a "track changes" mode, such as Word. If this is the case, disable this mode and accept the changes if the software asks you to. Refer to the software’s help section for more information, then resume correction.
  2. When the alert appears, close it, click on the desktop or in a window that is not part of Antidote, then click on the corrector window to reactive Antidote. This will cause Antidote to resync with your software, potentially reestablishing the correct location. Then, resume correction.
  3. If your text contains multiple special objects (images, tables, etc.), correct your document before adding those objects to your text.