Frequently Asked Questions

I am trying to use Antidote and get an error code 6100. What should I do?

Antidote 10:

To correct a Word Online document with Antidote 10, use the Correct Copied Text feature:




Antidote Web:

To correct a Word Online document with Antidote Web, open the corrector in another window and copy and paste your text.

  1. In Word Online, select and copy your text.
  2. Select the Antidote corrector window in your browser and paste your text into the corrector. Your text will be analyzed immediately.
  3. To copy your corrected text, select the icon (representing two pieces of paper) in the toolbar.
    • Don’t use your browser’s copy and paste options or keyboard shortcuts because the text’s paragraphs will not be preserved.
  4. Return to your Word document browser window and paste your text.

Otherwise, if Connectix is installed on your computer, you can also use the Correct Copied Text function. See the links in the Antidote 10 section above for more information.

Calling upon Antidote’s tools in any other way will result in an error code 6100.

Please note that with Connectix, both Antidote Web and Antidote 10 can be used without copying and pasting in the desktop version of Word.