Antidote Mobile User Guide

User Guide / Access From Other Applications

Access From Other Applications

View Antidote Mobile’s definitions directly in one of your device’s other applications.

  1. Select the word and choose Share from the menu.
  2. Actions are shown under the share options: select Antidote Mobile.



Antidote Mobile may not appear automatically in your list of actions. If this is the case, select Edit Actions to add it.

Tip — Add Antidote Mobile to your favourite actions so that it always appears in your list. To do this, click Edit Actions.

Antidote’s definitions dictionary will open at the relevant page. Drag the Details panel up to see it in full. Select the icon to close or reopen it. The icon is displayed in red if the entry contains any difficulties to flag.

You can navigate between words in this dictionary by selecting a word, just as you would in Antidote Mobile itself. Use the controls in the toolbar to adjust character size, to add an entry to your favourites, or to go to the previous or the next lookup.

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