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Search with Variables

Sometimes it can be useful to search for a word without knowing all the letters. For example, to complete a crossword or find all the words containing a sequence of letters. Here are the four characters to use as variables.

Character Description Example
? an unknown character p?st? [posts, pasta, pasts, ...]
* a string of unknown characters *dary [all words ending in dary]
*loco* [all words containing loco]
& an unknown vowel ari& [aria, Arie]
# an unknown consonant ari# [arid, aril, Ariz, Aric]

By launching a search with one or more variables, you also perform a search by criteria. You can therefore easily modify the search parameters by tapping the magnifying glass (1) then on the value to modify (2). Touch and hold a variable to see its description (3), or tap to insert it into the text field.

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