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How to Use Antidote in Gmail

Antidote Web
Antidote 11 (10, 9, etc.)
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Antidote Web
Antidote 11 (10, 9, etc.)
Antidote Mobile

Do you write your emails online on, or These web applications are very practical, but they aren’t equipped with Antidote’s Anti-Oops! technology that allows Antidote to automatically verify messages before they are sent. This isn’t a reason to let embarrassing typos slip through the cracks! Thanks to Antidote’s integration with Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge, you can easily correct your emails online, without copy pasting the text.

Here’s how to do this in Gmail.

1. Run the corrector using the flask icon in the browser’s toolbar.

From the Gmail window where you are writing your message, select a passage to run through the corrector or place the cursor at the beginning of the text to correct everything. Then, click on the browser’s flask icon and select the checkmark, the symbol for the corrector. Your text will appear in a new window, either in Antidote Web’s or Antidote 11’s corrector.

You don’t see the flask on your browser? Consult our FAQ at the end of this article.

2. Revise your text in the corrector.

Handle the corrector’s detections just as you usually do. Edit your text as needed. All of Antidote’s tools are available from here. For example, you can consult the dictionaries to find the right word.

3. Close the corrector.

All the changes that you make in the corrector are automatically applied in the original text. You don’t need to copy paste the text.

You can now send your message with peace of mind since you edited it with Antidote. Nice job! 📤

FAQ on how to use Antidote from, and

Is Antidote compatible with web-based email applications?

Yes. Antidote integrates with whatever browser you are using (Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Edge) to revise the text that you write. The corrector can therefore apply your modifications directly to the original text. There are no more excuses for forgetting mistakes!

Do I need to have Antidote Web to correct emails online?

No. The Antidote 11 software application also integrates with web browsers using a connector.

How do I run Antidote from web-based email applications?

Use the flask icon in the toolbar of your browser.

I don’t see the flask icon in the Chrome toolbar. Where is it?

The flask is in your browser’s extensions. It is possible that the flask icon isn’t visible on the first level of the toolbar, but rather under the extensions icon (shaped like a puzzle piece).


Tip — Pin the flask for easy access: click on Chrome’s extension icon (1) and then on the pin symbol (2).

I can’t find Antidote in my browser extensions. What do I do?

Add the connector to your browser. Instructions vary depending on the situation – follow the ones that correspond to yours.

  • If you use Antidote Web
    Select the browser that you use to access detailed instructions.

    Google Chrome

  • If you use Antidote 11
    Connectors are added using Connectix, a utility software provided with Antidote. Click on the Connectix Agent flask and select Integrating Antidote with your other software in the menu.

On Windows On Mac
The menu is accessible from the notification area, in the bottom right corner of your screen. The menu is accessible from the menu bar, in the top right corner of your screen.

Connectix opens a window featuring a list of your software applications that are compatible with Antidote. Check the browser or browsers that you use (Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Edge) and click Add. Connectix will guide you with detailed instructions.

Do I have to copy paste the text between Gmail and Antidote?

No. Thanks to Antidote’s integration with your browser, all changes are automatically applied to the original text. Easy peasy!

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