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Main New Features of Antidote 11

The new edition of the most complete writing assistance software brings an impressive number of improvements that make it even easier to keep your language in good health. Here are the most important new features. Start exploring them and enjoying their benefits right away!

Redesigned Corrector Interface

The corrector showcases your text with a more user-friendly, airy and functional layout. Hide the panels and add shortcuts as you wish, allowing you to focus on the text or get the big picture.
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More Accurate and Powerful Correction

For legal text, missing words and forgotten commas, the corrector introduces a new neural correction engine which adds to the natural intelligence of its computational linguists for more reliable and varied diagnostics.
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New Style Corrections

Add even more punch to your writing thanks to the detection of new types of wordy constructions. New tooltips even offer sentence reformulations to apply in one click.
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Custom Rules

Customize the corrector by adding your own rules. Add alerts to words or phrases you want to avoid, and even corrections to replace them with in one click.
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Custom Presets

Create custom presets and apply them directly to the corrector depending, for example, on the national variety of the recipients or the type of publication.
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Pronunciation of Words and Their Inflections *

Dictionary entries come to life with voices from either side of the Atlantic: hear pronunciations from Toronto and London, and if your Antidote includes French, Montreal and Paris.
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Highlighting of Prepositions

Identify, at a glance, which prepositions go with a word according to its different meanings, thanks to this new feature that highlights them in the definitions. Nearly 20,000 new examples clearly illustrate the many cases.
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Dictionary of Rhymes

Easily find the ideal rhyme or smoothest consonance with the new dictionary of rhymes and near-rhymes. Harness the power of the phonetic engine and filter by frequency, syllables and more.
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Latest Updates for Antidote Web

Antidote’s recent developments bring a series of refreshing new features to its Web edition. Here are the main ones, now ready for you to discover!

Faster and more accurate correction

Faster analysis, correction of tricky structures (inverted subjects, intervals…), recognition of more typing errors (accents, units of measure…), finer distinction between present participles and adjectives, and many more improvements to give you enhanced diagnostics.

Richer dictionaries

800 new words and expressions (micromobilité, tobiko, visiocomparution…), thousands of new synonyms and combinations, 40 new etymological remarks and more: all our dictionaries have been updated. A new option will even let you discover newly added entries.

Content restrictions (beta)

With group subscriptions, you can now limit access to audio pronunciation, sensitive words or meanings, Wikipedia and other content that could be distracting.

Access restrictions (beta)

With school subscriptions, the person in charge of a group can temporarily lock access to the corrector, dictionaries, guides and student data (including recent texts) in order to limit the Antidote resources offered during an exam.