Client Portal User Guide

Client Portal User Guide / Druide Account

Druide Account

The Druide account is at the heart of Druide’s network of products and services.

The Druide account allows you to do the following:

  • Access your Client Portal to manage your licenses and subscriptions. (Find out more…)
  • Synchronize your Antidote’s personal dictionaries and favourites across multiple devices. (Find out more…)
  • Access your personal or family version of Typing Pal. (Find out more…)

We recommend that you always use the same Druide account whenever necessary in order to centralize and simplify the management of your Druide products and services within a single Client Portal.

Creating a Druide account

You can create a Druide account by filling out a short form when you do the following:

  • Buy a new Antidote license.
  • Upgrade or crossgrade an Antidote license.
  • Use the download code of a copy of Antidote bought in a store.
  • Create a subscription to a personal or family edition of Typing Pal.

If your email is already linked to a Druide account, it is because you have already created one. In this case, you will be asked to log in using this account.

After creating your account, you will automatically receive an email to confirm that you have provided a valid email address. Follow the instructions in the email. You will need a valid email address to access your account if you ever forget your password.

Log in using your Druide account

Any time that authentication is required, log in using your Druideidentifier or one of the single sign-on services (Google, Facebook or Office 365) linked to your account.

Managing your Druide account

Managing your Druide account is done through your Client Portal.

You will be able to do the following:

  • Complete and update your personal information associated with your profile.
  • Manage your single sign-on services (Google, Facebook and Office 365).
  • Modify your billing information.