Multi-User License Deployment on Windows

 Attention — This page presents content from an old edition. Consult the documentation for the current release instead.

Multi-User License Deployment on Windows / 5 - Automated Deployment by GPO / 3 - Installing Antidote 10

5.3 - Installing Antidote 10

Administrative deployment of Antidote 10 by GPO requires creation of the ReseauAntidote.MST and ReseauConnectix.MST files using the GestionnaireMultiposte_Antidote10.exe application. This can be downloaded from your Multi-User Client Portal, your exclusive personalized Web space that gives you access to most aspects of your license. For example, in the case of a bilingual installation, this may be the file Antidote_10.y_B_n_Windows.exe, a self-extracting archive containing the installers for the “Antidote 10”, “Antidote - Connectix 10” application and the French and English modules (see Appendix A: Multi-User Manager). The Multi-User Manager will ask you to indicate the Antidote10.msi and Connectix10.msi folders: they are necessary to create the ReseauAntidote.MST and ReseauConnectix.MST files.

There are many ways to deploy Antidote by GPO. Here are two widely used methods:

Method 1: Deployment of the original MSI

Method 2: Deployment of an administrative installation