Multi-User License Deployment on Windows

 Attention — This page presents content from an old edition. Consult the documentation for the current release instead.

Multi-User License Deployment on Windows / 2- Deployment From One Workstation to Another / 1 - Prerequisites

2.1 - Prerequisites

Before starting

  • Any previous editions of Antidote (e.g. Antidote 9) are uninstalled. See Appendix C.
  • Inst - Antidote.exe is used only for deploying local installations that do not have recourse to a command line.
  • The applications (e.g. Microsoft Word) with which you want to integrate Antidote are already installed.
  • You have access to an administrator account on the workstation on which the installation is performed.
  • Antivirus and anti-spyware programs are disabled.
  • All applications are closed.

General notes

  • To perform a logged installation to identify the source of an installation problem, hold down the CTRL key when launching Antidote’s installation, and continue holding until a “diagnostic mode” indication appears. Installation logs will be saved onto the desktop (InstallationAntidote_x.log), which can be sent to our technical support team for analysis.
  • Updates are automatically proposed to the user. However, administrator rights are still required to install them.
  • When Antidote 10 is being installed for a single language, the installer dialogues are in that language. In the case of a bilingual installation, the installer uses the system language. The language of the installer can be changed by indicating the preferred language with a local installation using the MST transform file (Installation of original MSI).

Personalizing Antidote

When first launched in each user account, Antidote asks a few personalization questions to adapt the corrector to the needs of its user. The answers can be changed at any time thereafter using Antidote’s settings panels (Tools > Options). The answers to these questions can be preset in an MST configuration file, which is only available when installation is performed with this transform file (Installing Antidote 10).

  • One of the personalization questions asks if you want to apply rectified spelling, which proposes an alternative, more contemporary way of writing certain French words. For more details, see the Rectifications guide (in the Guides window of Antidote 10). When in doubt, select “both”. This choice can be modified at any time by the user.
  • To enter the serial number and the quota code only once (rather than on each workstation), you can use an MST configuration file, which requires local installations using this transform file (see Deploying the Original MSI File). It is also possible to copy and paste the serial number in the first box when prompted.

General tips

  • The updates downloaded with the Download Assistant are saved in a folder called Druide_Téléchargement, created in the workstation’s Downloads folder. You can store these files on a USB key or on a network drive for use on other workstations immediately after performing a new installation. It is not necessary to download the updates from each workstation.
  • The Inst - Antidote.exe installer, as well as the msi folder that accompanies it, can be copied onto another media, for example a USB drive or a network drive. The files can then be executed directly from this drive. You can also archive updates there.