Multi-User License Deployment on Windows

Multi-User License Deployment on Windows / Appendix A: Multi-User Manager / Use


After launching GestionnaireMultiposte_Antidote11.exe, you are asked to indicate the path of the files Antidote11.msi and Antidote-Connectix11.msi (these installers are located in the extracted folder). You can then configure a number of settings (or use the predetermined values for multi-user installation).

This utility is essential for performing silent installation. It is particularly important to specify values for personalizing Antidote at step 11. If you perform an initial deployment with the MST files and you then want to redeploy with new MST files (changes to settings, quota, etc.), you must first uninstall Antidote and its modules (Windows will keep a copy of the MST files).

Once they are created, the ReseauAntidote.ini and ReseauConnectix.ini files can be opened using GestionnaireMultiposte_Antidote11.exe in order to specify an initial configuration that is meant to be modified. It is not necessary to modify this file for any other reason, since installation of Antidote will extract the MST file, placing a copy of it in the appropriate product folder.

It is possible to create several MST files in order to offer different configurations to different user groups. Simply ensure that you refer to the right MST file during deployment. This may be the best way to configure installation for the person who will be responsible for the common personal dictionary (Appendix B: Personal Dictionaries).

Using the Multi-User Manager allows you to specify the location of the personal dictionaries. Here are some notes regarding this:

  • The paths to the personal dictionaries cannot contain any environment variables. However, it is possible to specify a drive mapped to a specific folder for each user.
  • Personal dictionaries are stored in the following location: C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\Roaming\Druide\Antidote. However, it is possible to modify this default location at step 8. If it is modified, a unique folder for each user must be specified.
  • Since Antidote 11 allows the management of multiple personal dictionaries, they can be saved to different disks and folders

We recommend backing up your personal files regularly.