Multi-User License Deployment on Windows

Multi-User License Deployment on Windows / 5 - Automated Deployment by GPO / 4 - Integration With Other Software

5.4 - Integration With Other Software

The integration of Antidote 11 with programs that are already installed can either be done interactively or silently when each user first logs in, depending on the mode of initial deployment (parameter /qn). This integration can be preset in the MST configuration file with the help of the Multi-User Manager (see Appendix A: Multi-User Manager). If a supported program is installed later, it may be sufficient to launch Antidote from each user account so that Connectix automatically proposes integration with the software in question. It is also possible to select Help > Integration of Antidote with your software (Connectix)....

If the integration does not complete successfully, you can uninstall the Antidote connector using the application’s extension manager, then launch Antidote and select “Help > Integration of Antidote with your software (Connectix)...”. A “connectors” link is displayed at the bottom and provides access to the connector files for each program. In many cases, you can drag and drop the connector in the program’s extension management window to perform the integration. For more details, see the “Read Me” file that comes with the connector, where manual integration is fully described.