Multi-User License Deployment on Windows

Multi-User License Deployment on Windows / 7 - Remote Desktop Services (Terminal Services) / 6 - Updating Antidote

7.6 - Updating Antidote

The suggested update method with Remote Desktop Services is to download the update files and launch them manually:

  1. Download the 3 to 6 update files from your Multi-User Client Portal. For bilingual installation, these files may take the following forms (“x” corresponds to the update version and “y” corresponds to the connectors update version):
    • Diff_Antidote_11_C_11.y.msp
    • Diff_Antidote_11_Module_F_11.y.msp
    • Diff_Antidote_11_Module_E_11.y.msp
    • Diff_Connectix_11_C_11.y.msp
    • Diff_Connectix_11.x_C_11.y_n.msp
  1. Ensure that the conditions are met.
  2. Switch to installation mode:
    change user /install
  3. Apply all the updates locally on the server by double clicking on each MSP file.
  4. Switch to execution mode:
    change user /execute
  5. Launch Antidote 11 from an administrator account.

Integration with newly supported software is completed upon first launch of Antidote 11 (from the Start menu) or when each user logs onto the workstation.

For deployment with an MST transform file, updates are not automatically proposed to users unless specified by the multi-user deployment administrator.