Multi-User License Deployment on Windows

Multi-User License Deployment on Windows / 5 - Automated Deployment by GPO / 6 - Uninstalling

5.6 - Uninstalling

The following steps are required to uninstall Antidote 11:

  1. Ensure that the conditions are met (see Prerequisites).
  2. Use GPO to uninstall the client portion on the workstations.
  3. Only delete the shared Antidote 11 folder after the clean-up of Antidote (deletion of registry keys) has been completed in each of the user accounts of the workstations on which it was installed.

    Uninstalling Antidote on a client workstation adds a windows/run registry key to clean up user accounts (delete registry keys) the next time each user logs in.

For example, here is the content of a script that uninstalls Antidote 11. Note that there are cookie files, which are necessary to prevent unnecessary uninstalls each time the script is run.

@echo OFF
rem Warning, this script is encoded page DOS-850

echo Uninstalling Antidote 11 ...

set LOCAL_PATH=C:\Program Files (x86)\Druide\Antidote 11
mkdir "%LOCAL_PATH%"

if exist "%LOCAL_PATH%\TemoinDesAntidote" goto OK_ANTIDOTE
msiexec /qn /x "{2643823D-D15F-4046-8388-401756A5C921}" /l*v "%LOCAL_PATH%\logDesAntidote.txt"
echo . > "%LOCAL_PATH%\TemoinDesAntidote"

if exist "%LOCAL_PATH%\TemoinDesModuleFrancais" goto OK_MODULE_FR
msiexec /qn /x "{2643823D-D15F-4046-8388-401756A5C922}" /l*v "%LOCAL_PATH%\logDesModuleFr.txt"
echo . > "%LOCAL_PATH%\TemoinDesModuleFrancais"

if exist "%LOCAL_PATH%\TemoinDesEnglishModule" goto OK_MODULE_EN
msiexec /qn /x "{2643823D-D15F-4046-8388-401756A5C923}" /l*v "%LOCAL_PATH%\logDesModuleEn.txt"
echo . > "%LOCAL_PATH%\TemoinDesEnglishModule"

if exist "%LOCAL_PATH%\TemoinDesConnectix" goto OK_CONNECTIX
msiexec /qn /x "{2643823D-D15F-4046-8388-401756A5C924}" /l*v "%LOCAL_PATH%\logDesConnectix.txt"
echo . > "%LOCAL_PATH%\TemoinDesConnectix"