Multi-User License Deployment on Windows

Multi-User License Deployment on Windows / 3 - Deployment of Original MSI by Command Line / 6 - Uninstalling

3.6 - Uninstalling

Uninstalling Antidote involves using all of the following command lines that apply to your situation (they mention different GUID product codes):

For Antidote 11:

msiexec /x {2643823D-D15F-4046-8388-401756A5C921}

For the French Module:

msiexec /x {2643823D-D15F-4046-8388-401756A5C922}

For the English Module:

msiexec /x {2643823D-D15F-4046-8388-401756A5C923}

For Connectix:

msiexec /x {2643823D-D15F-4046-8388-401756A5C924}

To uninstall silently, add /qn, as in the following example using Antidote's product code:

msiexec /qn /x {2643823D-D15F-4046-8388-401756A5C921}

The same result can be achieved by applying the following procedure from an administrator account:

  1. Ensure that the conditions are met.
  2. Open the Windows Control Panel (Programs and Features or Uninstall a Program).
  3. Select all of the following products (if present), then select Uninstall:
    Antidote 11
    Antidote 11 - English module
    Antidote 11 - Module français
    Antidote - Connectix 11
    Download Assistant

You may also use a script to uninstall all the elements. See Using scripts.