Multi-User License Deployment on Windows

Multi-User License Deployment on Windows / 4 - Deployment by Administrative Installation / 5 - Updating Antidote / 1 - Updating an Administrative Installation

4.5.1 - Updating an Administrative Installation

Updating Antidote involves applying 3 MSP files in the case of a unilingual installation and 4 files in the case of a bilingual installation in order to update the MSI files located in the shared folder, and then synchronizing the client workstations. The following steps are required to update an administrative installation:

  1. Download the 3 or 4 update files from your Multi-User Portal. For bilingual installation, the following types of file may apply: Diff_Antidote_11_C_11.y.msp
    However, the most recently published update may be a connectors update, such as Diff_Connectix_11.x_C_11.x_y.msp.
  2. Copy the MSP updates into the shared folder with the MSI files.
  3. Ensure that the conditions are met.
  4. Disconnect all users from the shared folder.
  5. As the workstation administrator, enter all the following command lines that apply to your situation. For example,
    msiexec /p "\\server_path\to\Diff_Antidote_11_C_11.y.msp" /a "\\server_path\to\Antidote11.msi" TRANSFORMS="\\server_path\to\ReseauAntidote.mst"
    msiexec /p "\\server_path\to\Diff_Antidote_11_Module_F_11.y.msp" /a "\\server_path\to\Antidote11-Module-francais.msi"
    msiexec /p "\\server_path\to\Diff_Antidote_11_Module_E_11.y.msp" /a "\\server_path\to\Antidote11-English-module.msi"
    msiexec /p "\\server_path\to\Diff_Connectix_11_C_11.y.msp" /a "\\server_path\to\Antidote-Connectix11.msi" TRANSFORMS="\\server_path\to\ReseauConnectix.mst"

    The TRANSFORMS does not need to be indicated for the modules.

  6. In addition, there may be a connectors update, such as the following:
    msiexec /p "\\server_path\to\Diff_Connectix_11.1_C_11.1_1.msp" /a "\\server_path\to\Antidote-Connectix11.msi"

    The ReseauAntidote.MST and ReseauConnectix.MST files must be mentioned in all cases; during installation of both the server and client portions, as well as during the update.

MSP files are not useful anymore.