Multi-User License Deployment on Windows

Multi-User License Deployment on Windows / Appendix B: Personal Dictionaries / General Notes

General Notes

Antidote 11 lets you create and manage several personal dictionaries. Users can create their own personal dictionaries in addition to using those that are shared with other users. As a result, it is advisable to restrict users’ write access to the shared personal dictionaries in order to prevent corruptions. The Multi-User Manager (Appendix A: Multi-User Manager) allows the following settings to be specified in advance for each personal dictionary:

  • Its name and location
  • Whether it is Read/Write or Read Only
  • Whether it will be activated, deactivated, or non-deactivatable by default (If it is deactivated, the user will still see it in the list of personal dictionaries and can activate it as required.)

By default, the personal dictionaries are saved in the following location: C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\Roaming\Druide\Antidote. The Multi-User Manager allows the default location to be changed, but unique folders for each user must still be specified.

It is also possible to prevent users from creating or adding personal dictionaries.

  • It is recommended to make backup copies of personal dictionaries.
    • The paths to the personal dictionaries cannot contain any environment variables. However, it is possible to specify a drive mapped to a specific folder for each user.
    • Uninstalling a previous edition of Antidote will not remove the personal dictionary. Antidote 11 will import the personal dictionary created with the previous edition and will save it in the new personal dictionaries folder.

With Antidote 11, it is possible to activate certain personal dictionaries for all members of an organization and remove their ability to deactivate them. Other personal dictionaries may be deactivated by default, enabling users to activate and deactivate them according to the specific requirements of the text that they are working with.

Only activated dictionaries are used by Antidote’s corrector. As soon as a personal dictionary is deactivated, all of its words are considered unknown by the corrector. Users can activate or deactivate dictionaries using the menu Resources > Personal dictionaries.