Antidote 11 User Guide

User Guide / Anti-Oops!


Anti-Oops! technology

Hit the Send button too soon? Now you’ll never have to say “Oops!” again! With Antidote’s Anti-Oops technology, you can make sure your emails are always carefully checked and that attachments have not been forgotten.

  • Anti-Oops! works with most commonly used email programs, except for Web applications.

The corrector is ready

Anti-Oops! links your email program to Antidote. When you click on Send, it springs into action and makes sure you haven’t forgotten to have Antidote check your message. If necessary, it automatically calls on the corrector. Once your message has been checked, you can just click on Send again.

If you change the text of your message after it has been corrected, and then click on Send again, Anti-Oops! will suggest that you check your message again (see the illustration on this page). You can agree to do this or simply send the message. There is also an option to cancel sending.

Checking attachments

When you click on Send, Anti-Oops! checks that you haven’t forgotten to include an attachment. If there is no file attached, Anti-Oops! has Antidote analyze your message. If it finds that an attachment is mentioned, Anti-Oops! alerts you by opening a window directly in your email program. You can then stop sending the message and attach the missing file, or go ahead and send it without the attachment.

Anti-Oops! will show you the part of your message that suggests that you may have forgotten an attachment. In the example on this page, the clue is “the registration form attached”.

  • If the phrase that triggers an alert is a sentence automatically added by your email program, or you don’t think it needs to be corrected, you can tell Antidote to ignore it in the future.
  • Remember: Anti-Oops! applies to messages written in English. The optional French-language module lets you also check messages written in French, but for those written in another language, you’re on your own!
  • To enable or disable the verification of attachments or to tell Antidote to ignore certain text, see the Anti-Oops! panel section in the Settings chapter.
  • If you don’t want Anti-Oops! to check a message, hold down the Shift key when you click on Send in your email program.