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Custom Rules

Antidote invites you to take an active part in its correction by integrating your own rules into it. This powerful yet flexible function allows the corrector to make detections that are targeted to your needs: precise terms to be avoided or never used, variants to be favored if a word has several spellings (paycheque, pay cheque), forms to be favored if a word has more than one plural (curriculums, curricula), etc. Integrating these editorial instructions into Antidote’s corrector is the surest way to not miss a thing!

A rule is made up of a trigger, a detection type, an optional replacement word, and an explanation. A rule generates a detection which can be an alert or a correction.

The rules are grouped into lists that can be synchronized. You can create as many rule lists as you need, and you can activate and deactivate each list as needed.