Antidote 11 User Guide

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Sharing Custom Rules

To share a list of custom rules, export the desired list, then send the generated file through the method of your choosing. The recipient will then be able to add it as a new list of custom rules by selecting it.


Importing lets you automatically add a list of custom rules. Click the Add button at the bottom of the customization list, then choose Select. Antidote will then ask for the location of the list to import.

  • The lists of personal rules to import are in APRS format and are encoded in UTF-8.
  • When the list to add is selected, Antidote offers the options of moving the list or making a copy of it in the folder where Antidote uses the lists.

Copying a list of rules to share it

The rules you add to the lists are stored in APRS format files whose names match those of the lists in the left panel of the customizations window. These files are created by Antidote itself and can only be modified by Antidote. They contain all your additions. Given the importance of these files, be careful not to accidentally delete them; you would lose all your additions.

  • It is recommended to archive these documents regularly.
  • If you have a subscription, a small cloud () indicates that the element will be synchronized on all your applications (see Synchronization).

To share a list of rules with other Antidote users, copy the APRS file that stores the data and transfer it to another device or send it to someone.

  • To know the location of the APRS file on Windows, select File in the Antidote menu bar, then Show in Explorer…. On Mac, click Show in Finder in the menu to the right of the list name.
  • To duplicate a file, first select it and click on Duplicate in the contextual menu (right click).