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Managing Customizations

Adding a new personal dictionary or a new list of rules

Initially, Antidote provides a personal dictionary (“My words”) and a list of personal rules (“My rules”), both ready for your additions. You can add other dictionaries and lists as needed.

Make sure the sidebar is visible (on Mac, use the Show sidebar command from the View menu. On Windows, choose Show sidebar from File). Click on the  Add button at the very bottom of the list of customizations, then select the desired option according to what you want to add. The new element will appear in the sidebar.

  • Different icons are used for the personal dictionaries () and the lists of rules (), allowing you to tell them apart easily.
  • The number of entries is shown on the right.
  • A small cloud () indicates that the element will be synchronized (see Synchronization).

Hover the mouse over a dictionary or list of rules to display the button, which will allow you to apply one of the following actions:


You can rename your dictionaries and lists of rules at any time to better represent their content. Simply enter the new name in the edit area.


Activate or disable a dictionary or a list of rules according to your needs when correcting a particular text.

  • Antidote’s corrector and dictionaries will recognize the words in activated dictionaries, and will flag those in disabled dictionaries as unknown.
  • The corrector will apply any rules in an activated list while omitting those in a disabled list.


Tell Antidote if you want to delete the file containing the list of rules or the dictionary, or if you would prefer to simply remove it from the list of documents. If synchronization is active for the selected element, it will be deleted from all devices linked to your Druide account.

Activate/Disable synchronization

Synchronization of a personal dictionary or a list of rules will send their content to Antidote Web, as well as any other devices linked to your Druide account. To end synchronization, select the Disable synchronization option. This will cause the selected element to be deleted from Antidote Web, as well as all devices except the one currently in use, which will retain a local copy.

  • Synchronization is an optional service provided by Druide informatique. See more details in the Synchronization chapter.

Sorting the entries in a list

Entries within a personal dictionary or list of rules can be sorted by different criteria: discover them by clicking on the button above the list.

Word or expression: select this option to display the words and expressions in ascending or descending alphabetical order, according to the secondary option selected in the menu’s second section.

Category: select this option to display entries by category, in ascending (adjective, noun, verb, etc.) or descending (verb, noun, adjective, etc.) alphabetical order, according to the secondary option selected from the menu’s second section.

  • The entry’s category is shown to its right (adj., n., pr. n., v., etc.).

Warning: select this option to display the entries which require verification at the end of the list (secondary option Ascending) or at the beginning of the list (secondary option Descending).

  • The is shown to the left of the relevant entries.