Antidote 11 User Guide

User Guide / Customizations / Presentation


Customizations are pieces of information that you add to Antidote; they are your personal contribution to Antidote’s dictionaries and its correction process. The customization tools have been developed to allow your additions to integrate perfectly with Antidote’s existing content while preserving their distinctive character, particularly through the use of colour. Your new word’s definition will display in the dictionaries like any other, and the rules you create will have their own tooltips, just like Antidote’s built-in corrections. Customizations help Antidote get to know you, and serve you, better.


Accessing the customizations

From the corrector

To open the customizations window from the corrector, click on the settings menu ( in the toolbar), then select the Customizations… option.

  • The Personal dictionaries and Custom rules sections include specific options for accessing each of these types of customization.