Antidote 11 User Guide

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Adjusting the Settings

In the figure shown below, the setting for correcting prepositions at the end of a sentence is enabled: the corrector will flag sentences like Where are you coming from? Hovering the cursor over each setting and over each of its values (if any) brings up a tooltip explaining your options.

Recommended values

Click on the Recommended values button at the bottom of the window in order to apply the default values. Note that the recommended value for certain settings (difficulties, false friends, etc.) may vary according to the ability level for written English (User panel). For example, if you have told Antidote that English isn’t your first language and that your mastery of written English is not very good, the recommended values for false friends will automatically be adjusted to their maximum sensitivity.

  • If the recommended values button is greyed, those values are already set in the current panel.