Antidote 11 User Guide

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Disabled Alerts Panel of the Corrector Settings

Using the Disable command shown in tooltips or the toolbar, you can hide alerts associated with a given word. This causes Antidote to add the word in question to the column on the left of the Disabled alerts panel in the settings. The words listed in this column can be viewed or modified at any time.


Select a word from the list to display its associated alert in the right-hand column. If you click on the “-” button at the bottom of the list, Antidote will remove that word from the list and begin displaying the associated alert again.

  • The right-hand column may display multiple alerts for the same word. If the word has multiple alerts, none will appear in the corrector when the word appears in the Disabled alerts list.

Discreetly underline words with disabled alerts

If this option is checked, the corrector displays a thin dotted line under the words for which an alert has been disabled. This line serves as a reminder. It might be useful should you want to view the list or reactivate a disabled alert.

  • This setting is disabled by default.