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Access Control Panel of the Interface Settings

Inappropriate content

Filter from the dictionaries

Some words belong to an offensive register (e.g. the noun moron), or may have a secondary sexual meaning (e.g. knockers in the sense of “breasts”). This setting allows you to hide some words or definitions that may be unsuitable for certain users.

Filter from Wikipedia

Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia whose content is written entirely by Internet users. The quality of its content is out of Druide’s control. If you wish, Antidote can try to filter any adult content from Wikipedia.

Audio content

Deactivating the pronunciation in the dictionaries

Antidote can read aloud different elements from the dictionaries. This setting deletes the pronunciation icon from pronounceable elements in all the dictionaries.

  • These settings are deactivated by default. To modify them, first click on the padlock icon and enter the credentials of the account administrator.