Antidote 11 User Guide

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Sync Panel of the Interface Settings

You’ve been patiently and meticulously building up your personalized Antidote over time. Sync your favourites, your personalized data, your settings and your disabled alerts to share the fruits of your labour across all your devices and related applications. By checking the corresponding box, it is possible to individually activate the following elements:

  • Sync favourites;
  • Sync personalized data;
  • Sync settings;
  • Sync disabled alerts.
  • The first time you launch Antidote, you will be asked whether you want to sync these different elements. These settings are adjusted according to your response.
  • The Synchronization panel has changed its name and is now called the Druide Account panel once you are recognized by your login and password.

Note: synchronization is an optional service provided by Druide informatique. See more details in the Synchronization chapter.

Sync new dictionaries and lists of rules

Activate this option so that each personal dictionary or list of rules you create will be synced automatically. Uncheck this option if you prefer to manually manage the synchronization of each new dictionary or new list of rules so that, for example, certain dictionaries stay on one device in particular. For more details, consult the Synchronization chapter.

  • The first time you launch Antidote, you will be asked whether you want to sync your personal dictionaries and settings lists. This setting is determined by your response.